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Brad Heller

Whether with his backing band, The Fustics, or performing as an acoustic artist, Brad Heller has established himself as a credible force among current songwriters.  Honing his craft for over a decade and a half the Wilmington, North Carolina, transplant has built a reputation as a thoughtful songsmith who tackles a wide range of personal and social issues.  Bouncing between a myriad of genres, Heller finds creative drive in honoring musical influences that inspired him, while never abandoning his own unique sound.

With the release of his latest album, The Sentence, Heller continues to build his audience with constant touring and spirited live shows.  Heller’s music centers on middle-class characters while exploring themes of loss, self-imposed alienation, abandonment of faith, addiction, and immigration. Voted Wilmington’s “Best Original Rock Band,” look for upcoming shows by Brad Heller & the Fustics and the Fustics acoustic duo.


“His sense of the order of things is apparent in every song he writes…Heller’s a world-class songwriter.”


“…Heller’s album, The Sentence, is evidence of his evolution as a socially-involved, profound songsmith…his most focused work, both musically and lyrically…fires on all cylinders from start to finish….seems to follow the mantra of Fogerty, Neil Young, Springsteen, and Mellencamp, showing us the heartland, the world of the working man….sets the scene and the emotion that any and everyone can connect to.”

~ IndiePulse Music Magazine

“…his lyrics are evocative…music this good rarely finds itself on the airwaves…I’ll be playing this one in my head for the next few weeks.”

~ Professor Johnny P’s Juke Joint

“Heller has become a voice for the common man…continues to forge his own identity…A consummate storyteller, his songs reverberate within everyman.” 

~ The Nashville Blues and Roots Alliance

“…the sound of Heller and company is hard to pin down…A natural storyteller…complete with mellow acoustic rhythms and cutting electric riffs…likens his songwriting to that of Kentucky’s Chris Knight.”

~ Charleston City Paper

“They make honest to god rock and roll…at times sounding like The Jayhawks or even bigger bands like The Wallflowers…dramatic in the same way Van Morrison or Led Zeppelin can be in their quietest moment.” 

~ Southeast Performer

“…taking the legacy of Redheaded Stranger, Nebraska, Blood on the Tracks, and Son Volt’s Trace in their own hands and hearts.”

~ Independent Weekly

                                                                               Upcoming Shows – 2023    

Brad Heller Music
  • March 2 @ WHQR – “Soup to Nuts” (Wilmington, NC)
  • March 17 @ Backstreet Pub (Beaufort, NC)
  • March 18 @ Smokey Joe’s (Charlotte, NC)
  • March 25 @ Waterline Brewing (Wilmington, NC)
  • March 30 @ Preservation Pub (Knoxville, TN)
  • March 31 @ Thomas St. Tavern (Charlotte, NC)
  • April 1 @ Dogtown Roadhouse (Floyd, VA)
  • May 12 @ Seven Mile Post (Wilmington, NC)
  • May 13 @ Nash St. Tavern (Hillsborough, NC)
  • May 24 @ Awendaw Barn Jam (Awendaw, SC)
  • May 26 @ Backstreet Pub (Beaufort, NC)
  • May 27 @ Waterline Brewing (Wilmington, NC)
  • June 2 @ American Fish Co. (Southport, NC)
  • June 3 @ Ted’s on the River (Wilmington, NC)
BRAD HELLER (Acoustic Duo)
  • February 16 @ Nash Street Tavern (Hillsborough, NC)
  • February 17 @ Mother Earth Brewing (Kinston, NC)
  • February 26 @ Flytrap Brewing (Wilmington, NC)
  • April 21 @ Flytrap Brewing (Wilmington, NC)
  • May 18 @ Edward Teach Brewing (Wilmington, NC)
  • June 10 @ Wrightsville Beach Brewing (Wilmington, NC)
  • June 10 @ Mad Boar (Wallace, NC)
  • June 11 @ Fermental (Wilmington, NC)
  • August 23 @ Edward Teach Brewing (Wilmington, NC)
  • August 24 @ Shoals Club (Bald Head Island, NC)
  • August 25 @ Mother Earth Brewing (Kinston, NC)
  • August 26 @ Flytrap Brewing (Wilmington, NC)
  • August 27 @ Fermental (Wilmington, NC)


Shipping to North America only.












Shipping to North America only.

“Arizona Winter” b/w “Eucharist” 7″ 45rpm


“Arizona Winter” b/w “Eucharist”



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